Midnight Toddler Interlude

October 11, 2011

Sounds like a song.  Dateline: around 1 am.  I wake up, half in a dream, to the sound of A crying.

Now, since A never cries at night, it takes a moment to wake up and go check on her.  Good thing I did.  Kiddo’s burning up.  Now, probably didn’t help that she was wearing fleece pajamas on a warm night (seemed cooler when I got her dressed), but she definitely had a fever.  I hit her with baby ibuprofen and a sippy cup of cold water, stripped her, and brought her into bed with us.

Naturally, 15 minutes later, she was feeling cooler and ready to party, so then I had to take her back to her own bed, of course.

All in all, not a great night’s sleep.  Though A seemed better this morning- a tiny bit warmer and crankier than usual, but made it through the day just fine.  Tonight, she was warm again.  She’s probably on her way to an actual bug.  And I’m out of baby ibuprofen.  Think we’ll switch to toddler ibuprofen for her… she’s not QUITE 2, but she weighs close to 30 lbs, and the chart on the toddler bottle starts at 24 lbs.  I think she’ll survive it.


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