33 Weeks, 5 Days

October 12, 2011

A good day for cravings: Wawa turkey bowl for lunch, oatmeal with maple syrup and walnuts for dinner.  Pascal is Into Oatmeal.  (A co-worker swears this is because the turkey tryptophan overload is making me need B vitamins.)

After sitting for too long (“too long”= more than 2 minutes) it hurts to stand.  However, my butt doesn’t hurt, as in previous pregnancies- this is more joint-related.  Knees and hips.  Sometimes I can hardly walk.  Ouch.  I keep my feet up on an overturned paper box under my desk at work.  Should bring one home.

My irritability level (mostly with the girls, and with opposing counsel) is VERY VERY HIGH.  I’m trying to keep it in check but I was at a blood-boiling point at work today by 930 am over a title insurer DARING to tell me my title issue wasn’t covered.  I fought her via e-mail for 45 minutes before I realized, um, she was right.  CRAP.  (And, in an immature moment, I haven’t admitted it to her, I just backed off and let it go.)  I also was probably more snippy than necessary to an opposing counsel regarding HAMP Supplemental Directives.  Then again, this particular opposing counsel is also pregnant, so maybe she welcomed the opportunity to get pissed at me.  Glad I could assist.

The girls don’t quite get my blood boiling but I find myself raising my voice way more than usual and way more than I should.  However, I’ve only noticed this in the past week, which is later than I remember noticing it when pregnant with A.  When pregnant with A, I remember getting furious at myself for yelling at C and R MUCH earlier and more often.  This time, I’m dealing with three kids, so if it happens later, I’m way ahead.  My irritation is mostly for Disturbing the Peace reasons.  (“Stop running!  Stop yelling!  Stop singing!”)

Speaking of which, I just yelled, “GET IN YOUR BEDS”.


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