I Don’t Normally Think About Life Without Kids

October 16, 2011

For some reason, though it’s been on my mind this weekend.  This could be because:

1) I’m pregnant, tired, cranky, and irritable with very short patience, and I hate it when I yell at my kids.

2) I keep seeing commercials for Footloose, and thinking, man, I’d love to go out and see that.  (Not by myself, after bedtime.  With my husband, at a normal hour.)

3) Being in nesting mode, the messes in my house are making me insane crazy.  I want to DO THINGS and all I have the energy to do is barely keep up with the kids.

4) A friend of mine on Facebook is spending the weekend in Vegas with her husband, no kids.  They are doing exactly the same sorts of things we’d do if we got to run away together for a non-pregnant weekend (beer, food, concert).  I’m jealous.

5) Several other friends (Facebook, blogs, etc.) have been lamenting over how busy they are and how overwhelmed they feel a lot lately.  Most of them do not have kids.  And the ones who have kids, do not also have a full-time job.  (Oddly, the working parents don’t complain much, probably because they’re too busy).  I get very unattractive feelings when I read these.  Not that I negate their feelings, but it sort of makes me want to scream, “You have NO IDEA WHAT BUSY IS.”   (But I keep my mouth shut, because this is the life I chose.  So shut up, Lindsey.)  On a similar tack, I also want to scream when people complain about parenting one child.

6) Another friend of mine is running her second half-marathon today.  She and I were somewhere at a very similar running level when I got pregnant.  Instead of running a second half-marathon, I am sitting on my butt with hip pain, 30 pounds heavier, dying to stretch my legs but not really allowed to.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am 100% aware that this is my life and my choices and I don’t regret any of them nor would I give anything up.  I’ll write a post later about all the cute stuff my kids have done lately.  (Right now, for example, C and A are sitting very still together as C applies princess lip gloss to her little sister and A tries to eat it.)  I’m just in a cranky place where I’m missing sleep and exercise and ability to get things done.  While usually I’m all for the “having kids doesn’t affect my ability to do what I want” school, at the moment, I’m noticing how it does.


4 Responses to “I Don’t Normally Think About Life Without Kids”

  1. LB said

    When I think that way, I remind myself:

    1) Before kids, my life felt totally pointless

    2) All too soon, my little cuties will be in school full time, have dates on weekends, and then I’ll be wishing they were still keeping me busy. That or I’ll be enjoying my free time.

  2. Delia said

    I think it’s normal every now and then to envy the other side, whether or not it’s a side you chose to be on 🙂

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