Since I’m Cranky, Some Good Things

October 16, 2011

1) C has really gotten to be a useful laundry helper recently.  Like, actually useful.  Especially with me pregnant.

2) The weather is perfect to have windows open and I’m washing the curtains in our bedroom so everything smells nice.

3) I actually got to nap today while the kids did, on the couch.  The couch is my favorite nap spot.

4) The kids actually ALL NAPPED today.

5) A was very cute after naptime when she was the only one up, wandering around smiling and giggling a lot.  Then when she got iffy a while later, I put her back down.  She went.

6) The chicken noodle soup in the crockpot smells good.

7) Sean and I got the girls to race back and forth across our backyard earlier.  Maybe this is why they napped.

8) C just proclaimed “Aurora’s marrying Prince Naveen!”  This tickles me.

9) R is quietly reading in her bedroom right now.  The kid likes to read.

10) Sean says he will paint the girls’ room sometime soon.  I believe him.  Need to pick a pink.  I’m thinking an unobtrusive pink.


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