35 Weeks, 3 Days

October 17, 2011

No, that’s not a typo.  I leaped a week.  And here I thought I was in no physical shape to do any jumping.  But I came in today, and the doctor immediately said, “So you’re 35 and a half weeks.”

Me: “No, 34 and a half.”

Her: “Says here 35 and a half.”

Me: “It DOES?”

Apparently I’ve been measuring big consistently from the very beginning, and got re-dated in the system.  And now that I think about it, I haven’t actually discussed my due date with anyone in a while and I have heard repeatedly that I’m measuring big.  (Right now measuring right in at 36.)  So, hey!  That was a pleasant surprise.

2 cm, 50% effaced, about -2 station.  Par for the course.  I’m liking how this is going.

Course, still exhausted and somewhat brain-dead.  But this is good.  Dr is going to Aruba next week.  (MUST BE NICE!)  I hit 37 weeks on October 28.  I want to take the girls trick or treating.  So the goal is to get through October, and walk the baby out on our trick or treating night, eat my weight in candy, and birth that week once doctor is back.  TWO WEEKS AWAY!  (Or somewhat soon thereafter… at least then I’ll be free to WALK.)


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