A Tale of Three Apples

October 17, 2011

The First Apple:

I spent a half hour chasing the kids around last night, getting them ready for bed.  R took a bath.  They all brushed their teeth.  Then R had to be wiped down again due to toothpaste everywhere.  I’ve got to stop trusting her around toothpaste.

Ten minutes later, I turn around and see her eating a whole apple.  At 730 pm.  I order her to go take it downstairs and put it in the fridge.  (This is better than the candy we caught them in yesterday morning, but not really good messwise.)

The Second Apple:

Couldn’t sleep last night.  Not good.  Tossing and turning.  I keep hearing what I think is the dog trekking around our room, though that’s out of character for her.  Finally I sit up (1115 pm) just in time to see a little butt go into the closet).  It’s C.  (And this crawling around the floor is somewhat creepy, like the girl who crawls out of the TV in The Ring.)

I tell her just to get in bed with me.  She does, and settles down.  “I love you, Mommy.”  I am still attempting to drift off to sleep and I reach my arm over to pet her on the hand.  I touch something hard.  She has an apple she’s chewing on.  In our bed.

I banish her and tell her to throw it away and go back to her own.

The Third Apple:

Sean, 530 am: “Honey?  There’s an apple core on the floor of the closet.”

What the heck?


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