Dancing With the Stars, 80s Night

October 17, 2011

An exact quote from me: “Hey, I LOVE Eternal Flame!  Who’s singing it?  Am I supposed to know her?  Is that that Adele person or something?  No, way too old.  Who IS that?…. Oh wait… I bet that’s an actual Bangle.”

Is David Arquette dressed as George Michael?

I thought the pirate outfit was the gayest thing Carson Kressley ever did.  I was wrong.  (This is not in any way intended to be a slight on either gay people or Carson.  In fact, it’s a compliment at how well he does what he sets out to do.)

How is Nancy Grace still on this show?  She’s ICKY.

Manic Monday!  Hello, 10-year-old me, dancing with friends at Jennie-Dare’s slumber party!  The Bangle is somewhat off key, but I sometimes notice that on this show.  I think something goes odd with acoustics.

Okay, I’ll admit JR was awesome, but Karina, stop jiggling.  Tacky.

Eh no more for now. Need bed.  Still looking forward to seeing if I’m right about Arquette being George Michael.


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