What To Do With A 4-Year-Old?

October 17, 2011

Besides the apple action last night, C apparently got into Sean’s phone and tried to play Angry Birds and made a mess of things.

The kid needs a hobby requiring minimal supervision.  She’s getting too clever and is at loose ends while I’m chasing everyone else.  Something I don’t have to spend a lot of time on myself keeping an eye.  This is especially so with a baby on the way.  She needs something of her own.

I wonder if my mom could teach her to read.  Or if there’s some sort of dance or exercise video she could get into.  Or a kids’ computer of some sort.


(Note: art, puzzles, anything with small pieces is unacceptable.  We don’t have the space for her to have a lot of space of her own, though I could try to find her some.  Her younger sister is INTO EVERYTHING.  And I’d love something productive and/or educational, though I’m open to ideas that aren’t.  I also don’t have a ton of time to work with her on things.)


8 Responses to “What To Do With A 4-Year-Old?”

  1. Toy Warden said

    A does a lot of computer games on Nickjr.com and sproutonline.com. They keep her busy for HOURS. We have to pull her away from it. The con is that we can’t use the computer while she’s doing this.

  2. Deb Warren said

    I would second the Nickjr.com site and if you can find it, a Jumpstart computer game. It’s generally a CD for your existing computer (and if you have an old one, that’s PERFECT), and you can get one that’s around her age level. They’re learning games. Autumn has the combo for pre-K through K (4-6) and then again 6-8, and we couldn’t get her off of it. Then there’s also the Jumpstart online, which is sort of like WoW, where yes you pay for like a year or so, but then it’s a safezone for the kids to log on, and they have learning zones, they can get and raise pets, and do all sorts of fun things. It costs less than WoW and you can put multiple children on one account. We really like it, but if that’s not something you’re interested in, I’d recommend the CD’s at least. It’s a camp setting, and the games are crazy fun.
    Downside, is that the sisters may start to try to fight for a shot on the computer too.

  3. Dad said

    But the internet said so!

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