Whine Whine Moan Moan

October 17, 2011

A friend of mine just posted this quote on Facebook, that she found somewhere on the internet:

“Halloween can be a busy time for mothers. Apart from the usual cooking and running the household, you’ll now have to worry about goodies for Trick and Treat, Halloween parties, decorations and costumes for the children. What’s a mother to do when she hardly has time to brush her hair?”

She was shocked and appalled by it.  So am I, somewhat, when you put it that way.  Except that, with a few exceptions, it describes my life perfectly.

(The few exceptions are: I refuse to decorate for Halloween, my hair doesn’t require a lot of brushing, and I have a full-time job on top of all this.)

This isn’t a sexist thing.  Sean does plenty, including most of the physical stuff these days.  But the preschool stuff is my domain, and when last night C tells me today is the pumpkin patch trip, it’s on me to figure out if it’s true (it was), call the preschool to confirm at 6 am, and make packed lunches in a house which really doesn’t contain packable lunch food.  But I’m behind on figuring out what to supply for the class Halloween parties, and let’s not even talk about cooking and household running.  AND WORKING.

I’m starting that I Don’t Know How She Does It book, a few chapters in, and it is actually making me uncomfortable to read, I relate so much.  Parts of it make me wince, like the part where everyone looks at her when she has to leave work and the part where the stay-at-home-moms are just astonished that she’s not “part-time”.  (Also, thank the dear Lord I don’t have a job that involves travel.  Couldn’t do it.)

What’s a mother to do when she hardly has time to brush her hair?




4 Responses to “Whine Whine Moan Moan”

  1. Duckie said

    We don’t have to worry about Halloween stuff here in Australia, although in recent years there have been a few kids knocking on doors and asking for treats. In general, we are happy to leave this ritual in America.

    I am intrigued though by your comment that you don’t have packable lunch food in your house. What do you do for lunches then? Don’t you have lunch boxes or lunch bags and take last night’s left-overs, or make a sandwich or put together a salad or something like that? For my son I used to put in some carrot sticks, some sultanas and/or almonds, pieces of apple, and more often than not – peanut butter sandwiches. On weekends if possible, I would make a cake or biscuits and a portion would be taken each day as well. I work in the city, and usually take a salad, soup or leftovers. Sometimes I will take a tin of tuna and tomato and rice cakes. On rare occasions I will buy lunch but not often. Just curious about the different patterns of doing things.

    • Stuff is packable for me… but not for the kids. For me, I have a reusable lunch bag and containers and today I took soup I could throw in the microwave at work. Can’t send that with kids to a pumpkin patch. They need everything disposable for a trip like that. Wound up making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… but it was on the last of the bread!

  2. I told you it made me feel that way too. Just, ugh. I don’t know. I am still having issues recovering from that book.

    • I’m struggling with it because I relate, and it looks so… ugh. Also, the plot’s not really going anywhere interesting but that’s a separate problem. Then on the other hand it sort of justifies my feelings of life.

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