Good Things

October 18, 2011

A list of good things, for my attitude problem:

  • I wasn’t completely wiped at work today for the first time in forever.  No idea why.  I slept about the same amount as average and actually had disturbing dreams about deeds in lieu (a work thing) and zombies all night.  Didn’t feel like a good night’s sleep, but it must have been.
  • We ate Mexican for dinner.
  • I put this pink dress on A and pigtails and she was just even cuter than usual.  Her hair is so cute in pigtails.  I’m so glad she lets them stay in.
  • We got to keep a sale date at work because of getting a lien release just in time.
  • C has been good tonight, after another rough few days.  We had a talk about food she’s allowed to help herself to and when.  (Not after dinner.)  We also talked about what she could do if she woke up at night.
  • I love chatting back and forth with the Northern VA me in our Fairfax office.  She’s entertaining.
  • Still happy about losing a week off my due date.  That really was a nice surprise.
  • Got a lot done today at the office.  Seriously, it was nice.
  • Sean and I talked a little bit about the recent C behavior problems and came up with some ideas, including: flashlight for Christmas so she doesn’t have to turn on ALL THE LIGHTS if she wakes at night, trying to find her more productive things to do, trying to praise her more for following directions or thinking before she acts.  I also have thought about trying to find her a little spot of her own, find her more ways to burn energy, and offering her more choices and things she can do independently.  The new behavior things are driving me crazy but feeling optimistic.  (Also, I need to try not to discipline when I’m irritable anyway if I can avoid it.)
  • Did a project at work I’d been putting off for a week, dreading.  It felt SO GOOD to have it done, and the result of my investigation was actually that nothing further needed to be done on the file.  WHEW.
  • They declared the rest of the week dress-down at work.  THANK YOU RAY.  I hate all my maternity clothes.
  • Starting to feel in control of upcoming maternity leave, work-wise.
  • It was one of those days when I felt smart.
  • Blizzcon’s this weekend.

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