Stair Victim

October 19, 2011

A went down the stairs this morning, after several months of doing it safely on her own.  And by “went down”, I mean scooted down one or two steps on her butt, then lost her grip somehow (butt too round?) and went butt over head over butt the entire way down.  I was standing at the top.

VERY FEW THINGS are as frightening as seeing your little girl fall down the stairs and being unable to do anything.  It happened with C at a little younger than this.  (I remember R was about a month old, so C was probably 18 months).  I don’t even remember how I got down the stairs.  She flopped at the bottom flat on her face.  (Stairs carpeted… floor isn’t).  I was to her before she moved, but I don’t think that was long.  Scooped her up and had her in my lap holding her a whole… probably 10-15 solid seconds before she got the scream out.

I held her while she cried for a few minutes, then C and R came over and gave her a kiss each, which was adorable, and she was interested in seeing them, then I tickled her a little bit and she stopped crying and giggled.  Couldn’t find any bruises or bumps.  Warned them at school to keep an eye on her but never heard anything.

My poor baby.  (Oh, and the top of the head pigtail stayed in place despite about 2.5 total flips.)


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