Still More 4-Year-Old Issues

October 19, 2011

Last night Sean found a big bowl of Cheerios hidden behind the toilet in the girls’ bathroom upstairs.

Is she hungry?  Does she think she’s not allowed snacks?  Is this just thrilling?  The world may never know.  I hope she’s not hiding anything that will go bad, anywhere we can’t find it.

We JUST talked about her ability to help herself to snacks.  She can have an apple, a banana, or string cheese whenever she wants, except after dinner if she didn’t finish dinner.  She knows how and where to get all these things.

We’re also having following-directions issues.  To the point where she is either purposely being defiant (something I have NEVER seen in her character) or where she’s absolutely and completely deaf and/or has a 2-second memory (neither the case).  NOT A FAN.  Very frustrating.  I don’t mind repeating myself once or twice but when I KNOW she’s heard me and she wanders off anyway, I get really frustrated, especially being more irritable than usual.  Her teacher’s also been telling Sean things in the afternoon about her ignoring instructions.

I had a really bad dream last night I was spanking her and she was crying.  Hello, Freud.  (I don’t spank.  But I have had moments where I wanted to.)  I woke up so upset I had to go check on her in her bed and hug her and tell her in her sleep that I loved her and would she please bring my good girl back.  Not that she’s changed entirely, but she’s gone from 85% cooperative to about 50%, with this added defiance and sneakiness, almost overnight.

I’m trying to think of ways to put this new “independence” to use.  And trying to spend some time alone with her, as almost-impossible as that is these days with me being exhausted and all the chaos going on.  Tonight we put lotion on our feet together in the bathroom and talked about being cooperative and how happy it makes Mommy.  (See?  The positive!)  And about things she could do on her own.

I think the food stuff is going on late at night- she wakes and roams and looks for snacks or things to do.  We talked a little bit about things she could do if she woke up (read a book, lay on the couch, come cuddle).   I think she may be having trouble sleeping and the lack of sleep is causing some of the issue?  Maybe not eating what she’s offered for dinner is finally starting to catch up with her?  (If so, I’m still not allowing nighttime snacks.  Time to be more cooperative about dinner.)

I do not believe this has to do with the impending baby.  I’m going to find a copy of this 1-2-3 Magic book my friend Sarah’s been raving about.  (Sarah has a 5-year-old.)


2 Responses to “Still More 4-Year-Old Issues”

  1. LB said

    If it makes you feel any better, Melanie has been impossible lately too. I feel like we fight a million times a day. Maybe it’s their age?

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