And More Behavior Problems

October 20, 2011

I would really like to know what’s up with C.  Either she’s gotten REALLY DUMB or there’s a large measure of well-hidden defiance in this failure to follow directions.  I always thought defiance would come with a level of sass… but no, it’s like she’s simply forgotten (over and over and over again) how to follow simple directions.  Her attitude is still as pleasant as ever.

After a relatively good day in which a bunch of things came together (I’ll do an entry separately on this), I got a text from Sean saying that when he picked her up, every kid in the class was still on “green light”…. except for C.  On red.  Miss Emily says she’s just not following directions.  She won’t be quiet during rest time.  She told Sean her mind says too much.  It’s upsetting to me since, while never perfect or anything, she’s always been a great kid who’s generally good, and I know she’s capable.

Not to mention the food thing, and the “can’t sleep” thing, and all the weird stuff she’s doing at home.  (Did I MENTION the bowl of Cheerios Sean found on the floor behind the toilet?  Or her getting caught sneaking pretzels on her way out to the car this morning?  Thanks, Tattletale R, for that last one.)  It’s not even so much what she’s doing as the sudden sneakiness about it.

Some new thoughts and ideas for today:

  1. Play the “Santa is watching” card.  (From a co-worker who has a 4-year-old).
  2. Planning a talk with her teacher, Miss Emily, tomorrow to see what more details I can get, and how she’s eating and sleeping in class, and what specifically is going on and if she has any ideas.  I have hardly met Miss Emily (she’s not there at drop-off, and Sean picks her up).
  3. Should really talk to her teacher from last year.  She went through a short phase where she wasn’t listening at school then, and we pulled it under control.  I need to know what Miss Denise did specifically on her end.
  4. Keeping up a few minutes of alone time with me.  This is harder than it should be, considering I get home at 615 and the kids need to be in bed by 830 or so, and dinner and bath and cleanup is in between, and there are three kids.  Mom suggested a private story after the other two are in bed, since she is the oldest.  So tonight I read her and R a book together, then tucked in R and took C alone in my room to read a book*.
  5. Giving fewer choices, rather than more.  For now at least, she needs to get a few simpler guidelines rather than “If you can’t sleep, you can do X, Y, or Z”.  Per Mom (and she has a point), just tell her she’ll be able to sleep after storytime.  The power of suggestion, she said.
  6. For at least a little while, trying to offer things for dinner I know they’ll eat.  I’m not a short order cook but there are things we all like, and while I usually try and expand their offerings, maybe she’s going through a growth spurt and just needs to eat more for a little while.  Or as long as it takes to get her out of this food-sneaking business.
  7. Rearrange the pantry so all she can reach is flour and canned beans.

*Eloise at Christmastime.  I figured I’d hit the Santa angle.  What I forgot is that it’s also about a really hyper and somewhat out of control kid.  Oh well.  C noticed that and commented on it.  Liked it though and we’ll do another Eloise soon.


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