Some Good Things for Today

October 20, 2011

1.  I took 2/3 the girls (the older 2/3) to the dentist a couple weeks ago.  A couple days ago, their insurance claim came back rejected- “no coverage”.  Mine went through fine.  Called the insurance company.  First guy said he could see what went wrong and he’d fix it right away and to try back in a bit.  Second guy (when I tried back) said first guy was crazy and I cancelled coverage and when I denied it, to talk to HR.  I talked to HR.  Went around in circles before finally finding out that apparently I did cancel dental for the girls.  I could not figure out why.  Only possibility I could think of was that maybe we moved them to Sean’s plan instead, but neither Sean nor I had ANY memory of doing so.  Sean checked.  We did.  So… we can resubmit their claim under his insurance.  In even better news, apparently despite cancelling them, I have been paying for their dental all year.  I just got a big-ass refund check.  Woo!

2.  I decided to take tomorrow off to hang with Sean and go to Costco and watch Blizzcon and do stuff around the house.  But I still had sales appointments at 9 and 1030, the later of which was seriously going to disrupt getting to Costco and back before Blizzcon started.  BUT- both 1030 sales fell off!  I almost kissed the legal assistant who came in to tell me this at 445 pm.  Perfect.  The 9 am sale stayed on which is also perfect since it takes me right by the preschool at a good time to talk to C’s teacher.

3.  Tomorrow is Blizzcon!  And Costco in peace, with my husband!  I am thinking of buying us an early Christmas present with some of that refund check.  (I haven’t told him about it.  Thought it would be a fun surprise.  Unless he reads this tonight.  Shhhh, don’t tell him.)  Ooooh, also we got our Costco refund gift check this week, and a bunch of Costco coupons.  With no kids in the car, we can fit diapers AND paper towels AND toilet paper (all of which we need).  I love Costco.

4.  My actions in a certain situation were described in a lawsuit as “playing hardball”.  No one has EVER said that of me before in my life.  I was terribly flattered and I wanted to shove it in the face of an old boss who told me years ago I was too nice to be a litigator.  (I still think I’m pretty nice, but I’m getting over that.)  Plus, the lawsuit was entertaining, though it’s going to be a pain to get rid of, probably*.

5.  No work tomorrow!  36 weeks pregnant today! Does it get any better?  (Yes, three well-behaved children.  But I’m working on that.)

*I might put this up there with two of the best unusual compliments I’ve ever gotten in my life:

  1. “You know everything about everyone!”
  2. “I think you ARE a high-stress person, you just hide it well.”

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