Day Off

October 21, 2011

Busy, for a day off.  Already wrote about the ice-pack nonsense at 530 am.  Good fun.

815: Dropped girls off at school.  Since it was both of us and we were late, they were all weird.

830: Had Burger King with Sean.  I like their oatmeal pretty well.

9: Did a sale for work.  Sean saw me do something work-related for about the first time.  He heckled me only a little.

920: Swung back past school to meet with C’s teachers about the behavior problems.  Will do a separate post about that but it was productive, I think.

10: Hit the jewelry store where the mom of one of my BFFs works.  Sean bought me a gorgeous gorgeous present for birthing the baby (you know, the one I haven’t birthed yet).  For the record, my previous baby gifts have been:

  • C: heart-shaped pendant with rubies on a gold chain
  • R: black pearl earrings
  • A: star-shaped pendant with tiny diamonds on a silver chain
  • Pascal: this quarter-size onyx pendant which I’ll put on a chain I already own.  (I love necklaces).  It has a design in tiny diamonds.  Really neat and unique.

1045: Went to Best Buy for Sean to look for a new phone case.  This was mentionable only so far as it’s nice to browse a store with no one asking me for anything.

11: Costco.  EPIC COSTCO.  Welcome to Costco, I love you.  We needed everything (toilet paper, paper towels, AND diapers… all the big things), plus I bought a new set of sheets (I have existed approximately a year with only one set of sheets for our bed, which is inconvenient when doing laundry on weekends).  Plus I had coupons for a few things we didn’t need quite yet.  Plus a couple outfits for Pascal.  It was fun.  And we got to eat in peace.

1215: Harris Teeter.  Not much there.

115: Home.  BIG UNLOADING.  Then I did a ton of work in the kitchen- took everything out of the fridge and cleaned, tossed bad stuff and stuff we don’t use, and cleaned all the shelves and drawers out.  HUGE difference.  Rearranged and cleaned out the pantry.  REALLY needed it.  Also, all snack foods aside from dried apples are now up high beyond reach.  If the girls want to get into something, it will be red wine vinegar, canned beans, and/or dried lentils.  That sort of thing.  It looks nice.  I was proud of me.

3: Went out to get girls.  Found out C was really good at school today but got a side note from her teacher: “please ask her to stop talking about boobs at school.”  Yeah, I can try, but especially with the baby coming soon… this one might be tough.  (That said, I can think of way worse things she could be doing.)  Found out A is doing really well with colors.

345 or so: Came home.  Started laundry.  Hung with girls.  Talked to C about boobs not being a school-appropriate topic.  Cleaned kitchen a little more.

Now… my desk is mostly clear, the girls have tried on their dresses for pictures tomorrow, things tidied up, laundry running, food in the oven, Blizzcon on TV for me and Sean, A napping, C playing with a toy, R looking over my shoulder as I type this (while wearing my maternity jeans).


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