Things Learned at 530 This Morning

October 21, 2011

1.  On any normal weekday, I have to drag C and R out of bed at 615, moaning, “SO SLEEPY!”  On the day I’ve taken off, they are up and raring to go at 530.  (Note: They went to bed at a normal time last night.)

2.  On any normal weekday, the children can wait for breakfast until they get to school at 7.  On the day I’ve taken off, they are roaming the house at 530 for snacks.  (Note: They had a normal dinner last night WHICH THEY ACTUALLY ATE.)

3.  It is apparently not just C doing the food thing.  They were BOTH brave enough in the pitch dark at 530 am to go downstairs, turn on the light, and get a snack.

4.  Apparently an appropriate snack at 530 am is the FROZEN ICE PACKS Sean uses for lunch.  I have no clue how they thought they were going to eat these.  They’re probably poison, but I’m not worried, because how the heck could they get them open?

5.  I cannot sleep after being awakened at 530 am, especially congested and with Pascal throwing a party inside me.  36 weeks today.

6.  They can be confined to their room upon waking at 530 am.  After I chewed them out for the roaming, they’ve gone in a closed room and stayed there.  Good thing too since I can hear them through the door and they’re really flipping loud.

7.  Sean can, naturally, sleep through all this.


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