Capitalism for Kids*

October 22, 2011

I did my Googling about little kids shoplifting.  Looks like consensus is that they just don’t get the concept of stealing for the most part- or rather, she KNEW she was doing something wrong, but she didn’t know how to do it right.  So we’re going to work this afternoon on something I’ve been tossing around for a while, the concept of earning and spending money.

Sean’s going to have her count the money out from her sparkle pig to buy the Barbie toy she wants online and if she’s short (she will be, for this purpose), she can earn more by doing some chores.  I’m making up a chart now which includes laundry loading/unloading and putting away, and bathroom/kitchen counter, floor and tub wiping and will have pictures of coins on it that they can earn for each one.  (Accepting other good ideas for 3-4 year old chores.  Keep in mind they’re shorties and I’m looking for things they can do to ACTUALLY be helpful while being mostly unsupervised… because if I have to sit there and watch them do stuff, it’s not worth my time to pay them.)  I’m also not paying for regular cleanup time when they make the mess.

Then they can earn small change to buy things they want from time to time.  And be useful and get some work ethic and have an alternative to stealing.  I’ve thought about this time to time but this has prompted me to finally make it official.

*The title of this post, which I resisted writing as Kapitalism 4 Kids, reminds me of C this morning.  We’ve told her people spell her name with either a C or a K.  She proudly announced to us that car, cat, and Cinderella could also be spelled with a C or a K.


2 Responses to “Capitalism for Kids*”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Well, depending on if she can reach parts of the table, she can help set it. I mean silverware like forks and spoons, napkins that type of thing. Making sure couch cushions are put back on, feeding the pets things like that. (if it’s dry food. I wouldn’t trust one that small with canned, as they might cut themselves). Reshelving books, helping to “sort” the mail..(well, you hand them the automatic junk, and they trash it or put it in the pile for shredding), helping to put away groceries if they don’t already.
    Just things like that. I have a chore chart for Autumn that includes things like caring for herself (brushing her own hair), caring for her room (picking up her own things), household chores (setting the table), other things (reading a book, no accidents, finishing her dinner- we’ve had problems lately).
    I’d be tempted to tie in behavior with that, but I know you don’t want to do that one…but I wonder if the food thing could tie in with it at least? Good luck!

    • Heh. She tried to feed the cat today. Outside his dinnertime. Way too much. Not a great job for her. We’re also not really formal about table setting. Groceries, maybe… she might be more harm than good, and I’m trying to find things that are actually useful to do, as opposed to just her doing for the sake of getting her to do something.

      I also won’t pay her for things like taking care of herself and cleaning her own stuff. We don’t have too much trouble with that, for one, and for another, it’s HER. I’ll only actually pay her for doing stuff around the house for everyone.

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