Good Things For the Morning

October 22, 2011

  1. C and R let us sleep until 8, didn’t bug us, weren’t too loud, didn’t wake up their sister, and (so far it appears) didn’t get into any food.
  2. Sean is downstairs with R right now cooking us pork roll sandwiches.  Nom.
  3. Family pictures today!  I’m feeling optimistic.  Tried on the girls’ outfits last night and they looked very cute and fit well (thanks, mother-in-law!) and C is promising to be good and help with her sisters.  Talked to my photographer on FB briefly and she’s got maternity pic ideas as well.
  4. Blizzcon last night= very entertaining.  Though I’m not playing Warcraft these days, I still follow along.  Mists of Pandaria IS the expansion, and it looks cool!  More this afternoon/evening!  (I love Blizzcon weekend.  And somehow DirecTV always screws it up and it winds up virtually free.)
  5. We’re test-running a boy’s name.  MAY have gotten something.  Hopefully.  I really want him to have a name.
  6. A is happy as heck this morning, building with blocks and screaming “YAY!” whenever she completes a tower, and running around pointing to everything “poop-le” in the room.

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