October 22, 2011

On the way out of Target today, I looked down and saw C was hiding something in the folds of her dress.  Pulled it out.  Mini-Barbie from the checkout line.  Her excuse, “But I don’t have that at home and really want it.”

REALLY, kid?  (By the way, I hate Barbies generally.)

Where am I going wrong?  I believe pretty firmly that the actions of a kid reflect how they’re being raised.  I thought I was doing a half-decent job.  Then again, I believe even the best kids will test their parents, so…

ARGH.  Why are we doing this test session while I’m 36 weeks pregnant?  Timing sucks.

I of course marched her back and made her give it to the cashier and apologize.  He laughed.  I then told her Daddy would have to call Santa and tell him.  She then proceeded to pitch a TRULY EPIC screaming tantrum in the car while Sean called Santa and told him R and A were good at Target, but…. oh, Santa, you were watching and ALREADY KNEW C tried to steal?  Like Swiper on Christmas when he got put on the naughty list?

The tantrum stopped temporarily while we had a chat about how to get things you want and maybe using some money from C’s sparkle pig to buy such an item.  Then we awarded R and A treats for being good at the store and fussed over how good they’d been and the tantrum started again.  SCREAMING.  (Then A started imitating her, which was a riot.  Both Sean and I had a bit of a hard time keeping a straight face.)  We ignored her.

Sean tried to talk to her when we came home and she gave him a shove which landed her in her room for naptime.  She can lunch when she’s done napping.  R/A had a lunch and went for naps (R in our bed).  I went in and talked to C for a few, and told her how when I was little, I tried to steal a My Little Pony, got caught by Nana, and then didn’t get Christmas presents, and how sad I was*.  She got more worried then, and we talked about some ways she could make up for it to Santa Claus.

Then I found crackers hidden under her bedspread.  GOOD GOD.  Naptime.

*This story was fictional.  As far as I know, I never tried to steal anything.  Sean apparently was not so good.


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