36 Weeks, 1 Day

October 23, 2011

Guess what?  I can’t sleep.

Also, my back is killing me.

And I’m congested.

And the baby is freaking LOW.  My whole lower abdomen feels all knotted up.

And I desperately miss sleeping on my back.

And I’m stressed about C, and the idea of figuring out anything else (pumpkin patch trip, hospital bag, calling to complain to DirecTV when we have to order a pay-per-view FOUR TIMES TO MAKE IT WORK, new breast pump which is ouch expensive, trying to teach my kids not to steal) is overwhelming at the moment.

Sean is, as usual, helpful and sweet and WHY CAN’T HE BE TWO PEOPLE?

I want to meet my baby who still doesn’t have a name.


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