Pumpkin Patch

October 23, 2011

We had a good trip out there today.  Gorgeous weather (probably 65-70), sunny, not too crowded.  There’s a pile of hay bales to climb on, a corn box, a couple farm animals to pet and feed (a sheep and some goats), a giant wagon of cotton (which grows around here) to climb in, and then a hay ride out to see more animals and pick pumpkins.  We went out with our friends Kathleen and Bryan and our godson Will, along with Bryan’s brother and his wife.

C liked the cotton truck and hiding in the holes in the hay bales.  R liked the toy car.  A liked the goat.  She has no fear, that one- figured out in just a second to stick her hand in the feed bucket and then give her hand to the goat.  No one told her the story about holding your hand flat when feeding an animal but apparently it didn’t matter.  The goat was friendly (or possibly was already aware of A’s reputation as a farm-animal-murderer).  He ate everything she gave him and tried to eat her hair, her ears, and her shirt.  Licked her all over.  The kid was COVERED in goat slobber and it just cracked her up.

R and C were also good with the goat, though R was a little hesitant about feeding it.  They were both at the same place with their classes last week so it was all familiar to them.  And this is the third year in a row we’ve gone as a family.  Fortunately, small and safe, because the three of them were going off in different directions all the time.  (Also, helped that we had four other adults along with just one kid between them).

The hayride they do there’s pretty good as well.  They have beef cattle, a bunch of whom were pregnant and had babies, so that was fun to see.  Big field of pumpkins and sunflowers.  Apparently the pumpkin harvest wasn’t great this year but we got a couple small ones and I promised we could glitter one for the girls like the ones they had on display, so I need to find a craft store.  Girls and Will loved running around the field.  Got to see a donkey, who did a very big hee-haw type thing.  Way to enforce donkey stereotypes, buddy.

Farmer: “This donkey’s tough and very protective of his friends.  He went after a dog who came into the field.”
Little boy: “Did the donkey KILL THE DOG?”

Sean: “No, but this 2-year-old once killed a chicken.”

I was very pleased that aside from the running-in-3-directions thing, the girls were on very good behavior.  Actually, they (including C) were good all day and passed out hard after I stuck them in the tub all together after dinner.

I also did a bunch of productive cleaning, including going through the girls’ bed drawers and cleaning out their pajamas, etc., laundry, changed all their bedsheets and cleaned their room.  Though I usually make them clean up, an adult has to go through and do it once in a while.  Did a bunch of work at home tonight, cleared off my desk, ate some pie and Italian takeout.  (Okay, this doesn’t sound like I did a “bunch” but it really was.  It involved a lot of uncomfortable bending over and wore me out.)


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