36 Weeks, 3 Days

October 24, 2011

Skipped my doctor’s appointment today in favor of going to court*.  With any luck, this is the last time I will EVER have to wear a maternity suit.

Sleep last night punctuated by stabby pains.  Gee, I’d forgotten about those.  I also have been having the below-the-belly on the left pain I had before I went into labor with R.  (For a few days, I don’t think it means labor is imminent).

This is still not as painful as it can get.  This pregnancy I have escaped the sciatica, the groin pain, the butt pain, and the worst of the lower back pain I’ve had before, and still only the one calf cramp.  Knock wood.  I am not sure I’ve had anything “worst” this time.  Maybe insomnia… though if I remember to take the Benadryl that takes care of it.  (I tried a half of one last night which seemed to work well).

Our family heating pad seems to have vanished into oblivion after my neck injury back last summer.  Bought a new one today for the hospital and threw it in my bag, which is mostly packed.  Need to finish that out.

Sean has done something to his shoulder which I have no doubt will get worse, speaking of injuries.  Each of our babies has been marked with a new appliance and some serious Sean malady which TOTALLY steals my thunder.  (C- injured on the bathroom door hook at the hospital.  R- lost half a toenail to a smashed nail and infection.  A- freaking pneumonia.)  This shoulder will be good and painful just in time for the nurses in L&D to fuss over him.

Side note: LORD, do I ever love Kristin Chenowith.  Holy crap, she’s singing AND dancing.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a lot of people do that on this show.  Not super impressive dancing, but still.  She’s wearing gigantic heels and she’s still such a teeny little thing!  I LOVE HER.  (So does my husband, which I try to ignore.)  They should have gotten her to solo on some of the competition songs tonight, I’d love to hear her sing in Phantom of the Opera…

*Court went well.   Motion granted, and actually got more than I asked for when the judge appended some commentary onto my order which was not flattering to the opposition.


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