Another Good Day for the Kiddo

October 24, 2011

C was on green at school today.  She was good this morning.  She helped take things upstairs tonight.  She had to be nagged only a bit to clean up.  She thought to put the bathmat down before she showered without being told (this is big).  she ate her dinner without playing with food (helped that it was PB&J… I’m trying to stay kid-friendly still for a while), and she offered to do another job she could get paid for.  I offered her 25 cents to empty the dryer and she hopped up and went and did it with zero supervision or bugging and did it right.

THAT’S my girl.

I’m not harboring illusions that this bad phase is over, but it’s comforting to have a couple normal days.

I suggested to a friend of mine earlier that perhaps she just pulled this to distract me from the super uncomfortable last few weeks of pregnancy.

Um, thanks?


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