A Little Overwhelmed

October 26, 2011

But calmer now.

Work’s insane.  It’s just busy this week, I’m behind on my daily sort of stuff, and we’re doing a big software transition which requires training.  Plus I’m trying to get dozens of litigation files squared away to be good while I’m out.  Pleadings written, noticed, ticklers set for both the other litigation attorney and for me, orders proposed for any set hearings, files in the right hands, briefs written as necessary, extension orders secured, notices of appearance for other litigation attorney on federal files…

I’m going a mile a minute, then I come home and go a mile a minute.

C’s behavior problems have abated a bit in the last few days.  She’s on 3/3 days “green” this week… 2 more days and she gets to pick a treasure from the treasure box.  I’m still hyping the good stuff like insane crazy.  It’s good, but tiring, and I’m having to devote extra time to her.  Not that I resent that but I’m so stretched as it is and now I feel like I’m neglecting R and A.

We’ve been eating nothing but takeout and bits and pieces.  No energy to cook.

I am going nuts trying to keep the house clean.  To the point where I’ve even somewhat given up on the girls doing it and I’m doing it myself because it’s marginally easier to do so and I have no energy to fight.  (This may mean I’m more mentally exhausted than physically?)

And now I’m having panic attacks over a baby being, like, ALMOST HERE and feeling like I’ve done nothing to prepare.  So tonight I picked out some baby pajamas for my hospital bag (finished packing? Almost.) based on them being the gender-neutral of the stuff that the girls wore.  I went with two pairs of tiny pjs with jungle animals we bought when R was born.  And one bigger pair with turtles in case he’s gigantic.

Carpet cleaning Sat and after that will take out pack and play, swing, wash his sheets and blankets and such.

Too much to think about in my brain.  Brain is full.  I am sick of maternity clothes and barely dressing for work.  So very ready to be done with this but then panicking at how much has to be done before I can be.  Not to mention girls’ Halloween stuff to think about.

I am currently up late enough that I will be a mess tomorrow.


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