37 Weeks

October 28, 2011

They threw me a baby shower at work today.  The managers, attorneys, and a couple legal assistants I’m close with- the title folks and Kathy in deeds.  Kathy and I have been working together five years and we went from the old firm to the new firm at the same time.  It was neat that she was at my work shower with C and now my last.  Whole thing just made me smile in general… everyone’s so sweet and I got a bunch of cute new boy clothes.  (My male boss even showed up after everyone said he wouldn’t because he’s too MANLY.  Heh.)

My hips are ACHING.  Seriously badly.  This is somewhat new.  Lower back too.  I think they’re spreading out like when a snake spreads its jaws to eat a giant vole.  Except I’ll be outputting instead of inputting.

The late stage of pregnancy and the current World Series Game 7 had me thinking a good bit today of my old (immediate) boss at my old firm.  Wonderful, sweet guy who I learned a ton from (and who was a big Cardinals fan).  But he was PETRIFIED of pregnancy (and possibly kids, too).  While he was always a gentleman and very considerate, I remember walking around feeling like a ticking time bomb… if I breathed too hard, he’d jump out of his shoes, worried I might fall down and birth a baby right there.  During my pregnancy with A, there were three of us due about the same time all in the department.   Often I thought the poor guy was going to have a heart attack worrying about babies.  One of these co-workers tripped one day when her chair rolled as she was clumsily sitting down, and fell on her butt on the floor.

We all laughed.  Said boss almost had a coronary worrying a baby might come out.


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