My Therapy

October 28, 2011

Absolutely nothing is better for my mood than being alone in the house for a couple hours (well, Sean could be here) with the energy to clean up.  I’m thinking part of what had me so UGH yesterday was the fact that the house felt trashed and I just couldn’t get it together to do anything about it.

Now just about EVERYTHING is picked up, laundry going, kitchen, bathroom, and girls’ room cleaned, hospital bag almost packed, baby monitor set up, baby bedding and the last of his clothes in the wash, desk cleared off, diapers and wipes put away, camera card emptied and batteries charging, toys tidied… OH I FEEL BETTER.

Except that my left knee is killing me.  I think it’s the sheer weight of me.

We need a pumpkin, probably today.  Note to self: buy pumpkin.

The reason I’m able to pull this off is that my first sale fell off today so I don’t have anywhere to be until Suffolk at 1030.  Suffolk’s only a half hour away.  So I got everyone in costume and toted them to school at the usual time, then came home, had spaghetti for breakfast, CLEANED, and even got to FB chat with an old LJ friend for a bit (who gets me and always makes me feel better too).

I love a neat house so much and even the process of doing it in silence is just so good for me.  I remember when the girls were tiny, and in the hospital for one reason or another (jaundice, prematurity, bronchiolitis) and each time I was at the hospital and SO FREAKING STRESSED, each time, the best thing I did for myself was come home for like two hours and CLEAN UP.


One Response to “My Therapy”

  1. Deb Warren said

    SO glad you’re starting to feel more yourself. Now hoping that Pascal behaves and comes on schedule so that the rest of the pain goes away (and you can sleep more comfortably) which will probably set everything else to rights too.
    *hugs* Kick today’s butt, Linds! And have a blast doing the pumpkin thing!

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