Thanks for the Lecture,

October 28, 2011

It’s bad to dress little girls sexy.

Also, the sun might rise tomorrow morning, and Clay Aiken is gay.

Look.  I’m not saying sexy for little girls is super great.  However, there is a world of difference between “My homework is so hard my brother does it for me” and a girl liking to wear skirts (on Halloween or at any other time).  Skirts and femininity are not a slippery slope to child prostitution.

Who is REALLY dressing their kid in a little black dress*?

And seriously, is something REALLY that wrong with a little creative dressup?  I did nothing BUT try to dress up like a grown-up when I was a kid.  I loved dressup clothes with heels and short skirts.  Did I get confused about sexuality or turn out to be a whore?  No.  Because I had sensible parents who taught me the difference between fantasy and reality.  (Mom, if you’re reading this and can find a picture of me in that red and black sequined skirt I wore for Halloween when I was perhaps C’s age, I would love to share.)

People are just WAY TOO FLIPPING PARANOID about every little thing.

Disclaimer: my kids are all princesses for Halloween, AGAIN.  Very girly, not very sexy.  I plan to dress up like a pregnant lawyer.

*Okay, some people might be dressing their kid in a little black dress.  But is that EVIL?  Or CUTE?

Another side note: I wanted to start with, “I SO need lessons from on how to be a good parent.”  But then I realized the homage might be lost.  So I’ll go straight to the source quote: “I SO need lessons from you on how to be cool.  Tell me that part about… Kenny G again?”


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