Wait, I’m Having A Baby?

October 29, 2011

Just got out the Pack and Play.  Missing the plug for the swing.  Where is it?  Argh.  Made up the cradle in our room with all the sheets washed and the blue blankets and swaddle wraps and…

Yeah.  Tiny diapers.  Tiny diapers give me a near heart attack… I think more than anything else, make me feel like, WAIT?  I’m actually going to have a tiny little bugger here REALLY SOON.  And I hadn’t really thought that through.

Yes, I’ve given plenty of thought to being pregnant.  PLENTY.  And to the baby-as-fetus, hard to forget since he picks on me.  And then plenty of thought to keeping my house neat and entertaining my kids and WORK and trying not to be TOO awful a wife and and and and

Not much to actually having a baby.  Very little to even PREPARING to have a baby, until about the past week when I finally ordered a new pump and got some stuff out and work threw me a shower and I unpacked tiny baby clothes.

(EEEEEEEEE tiny baby clothes!  Tiny diapers!)

I really, really love tiny babies.

Oh, and I think he has a name.  We’ve all but finalized.  It’s the same first name we picked out long, long ago when I was pregnant with C and always liked, then drifted away from… I think we’re finally going to be able to use it.  And I love it.  The middle name came up later in the game and I am really warming up to it.


2 Responses to “Wait, I’m Having A Baby?”

  1. Deb Warren said

    YAY!!!!! You’re starting to sound happier, and more…well I’m not going to say relaxed, but I’ll say more yourself, so more comfortable again. That is great. Especially with how stressed and frustrated you were.

    And soon all that frustration will be mostly forgotten, because you will once again have your arms full of baby chub! Be happy, my friend! You so completely deserve it!

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