October 30, 2011

Loved it.  It was precisely what I expected it and wanted it to be.  Some thoughts, which I’m not hiding, since they are 20-year-old plot points:

  • Two thumbs up for Dennis Quaid playing John Lithgow.  I think Dennis Quaid wants to grow up and be Harrison Ford.  He’s getting all grim and growly.  I was very pleased with this piece of casting.
  • Julianne Hough’s character bugged me in the original and bugged me again.  Properly so.  As it should be.  Girl, you need therapy.
  • As Sean pointed out, Seann William Scott really should have been playing her older boyfriend.
  • New Sarah Jessica Parker was cute.
  • New Kevin Bacon looked like Kevin Bacon and was cute.  He was really very appealing and I liked how he was played… as a bad boy who really WASN’T a bad boy at all.  He was really very clean-cut.  Though the Boston accent sort of irritated.
  • Willard was perfect.
  • I liked the message a lot and don’t recall quite this message from the original- how he’s actually such a GOOD BOY and it pays off.  Don’t like the town’s dance ban?  Well, go through the proper channels and take a petition before city hall to change it.  Want to date the preacher’s daughter?  Ask his permission.  Angry at the world?  Dance it out in a private location.  Be nice to children and respectful of the relatives who took you in.  And for Pete’s sakes, just say no to drugs!
  • I approve of this message.  ALL FOR IT.
  • Loved the little girls.  Reminded me of C and R.
  • I enjoyed how it seemed packed full of cliches… and then, when thinking about it, you realize those cliches actually came from the original movie, so they’re entirely well-placed.

One Response to “Footloose”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I kinda want to see it, because I was a fan of the original. I hated the female lead character too, she made me crazy….such a wuss. Though I am already against Julianne Hough’s character, 1- because of the character and 2- well, Julianne Hough. I can’t stand her or her brother. I think it’s something in the genes.

    I was hoping it would stay true to the original story. I really loved it, and was concerned.

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