37 Weeks, 3 Days

October 31, 2011

4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Doctor seems to think we’re going any time now.  I don’t believe her.  No faith.  I walked around like this for two weeks in my first pregnancy.  (Yes, I know this is my fourth now.)  She says if my water breaks at work, she’s so going to laugh at me.  I go back on Wednesday if I’m not in labor yet (I won’t be).  She says my threshold for heading to the hospital needs to be low… since this is my fourth, I could go fast.  No problem there, but I’m not feeling anything unusual.

I am currently absolutely infuriated because I burned my pumpkin seeds.  Quite honestly they are the main thing I like about Halloween… always have… and they’re gone.  TWO HUGE PUMPKINS WORTH GONE.  BURNED.  I WANT TO CRY AND HIT PEOPLE.  I thought about them all day today and wanted nothing else.  And somehow I burned them.  Not sure how.  I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS.

Also, my lower back is freaking killing me.


2 Responses to “37 Weeks, 3 Days”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I completely sympathize. Ours got burned too. Then Paul put them in the little plastic containers I use for Autumn’s lunch. When I opened the one I use for her sandwiches, it smelled like fart. I kid you not.
    I was very displeased.

    The plus side is, now there should be 1/2 price pumpkins and available seeds, in the event someone is feeling nice nearby and wants to pamper you and make you some toasted pumpkin seeds. I would, but I’m so far away!

  2. Lindsey said

    There were zero pumpkins to be found anywhere, Let alone half price ones. I’m still angry about it…

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