October 31, 2011

R didn’t eat dinner.  So she only got one piece of the candy she collected.

R: Mommy, can I have candy?

Me: No.

R: Stop sayin’ no!  You have to say YES!  (Said in this very hissy whisper).  (Repeated many times.)

C ate dinner and so is currently bouncing off the walls high on candy.  A had a BLAST and was better at trick or treating than R even was last year.  She didn’t get out “trick or treat” or “thank you”, but she’d say “hi!”, smile adorably, grab a giant handful of candy out of any available bowl, stick it in her bag, and then wave and say “bye bye!”  She was dragging her bag on the ground, but any time Sean or I moved in to help her hold it up or keep her from spilling it, she’d FREAK OUT.

At one point, I THINK she said “candy”.


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