Behavioral Theory

November 1, 2011

C was having a massive, 2-year-old style meltdown when I got home today.  (C, for the record, is going on 5).  MASSIVE.  Especially for the girl who finally hit five green days and got a toy from the treasure box at school yesterday…

Me being fragile and pregnant immediately went into my own room and melted down myself.  In a much quieter and less screamy way, of course.  I absolutely couldn’t bear to hear my little girl crying like that and not be able to do anything.  (Anything I could have done would have undermined Sean letting her scream it out in her room, which was the right thing to do in my own opinion).  It just killed me… almost physically painful.  And the hormones didn’t help.

It was that which made it occur to me that… maybe what’s going on here IS baby-related, but not precisely baby-related so much as INSANE PREGNANT MOMMY RELATED.  I have been wildly hormonal and mood swingy and touchy and irritable and prone to crying and flying off the handle.  While I have not been doing this in front of the girls for the vast majority part (mostly in front of my extremely tolerant husband), they’re not stupid and they are perceptive- probably C especially so since she’s a lot like me and she’s the most mature of the three of them.

So what if all this acting out is really just her reflecting my insanity?  Timing’s just about right… I really started to lose it about the time she started slipping in behavior.

Will be glad when the baby’s here, both for distraction and a shift in my own hormones.  Maybe this has something to do with it all.

For the record, once C calmed down for Sean, she was quite nice the rest of the night.


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