37 Weeks, 5 Days…

November 2, 2011

REALLY hoping this is it.  Heading into the doctor in a few.  A was induced at 37 weeks 3 days under very similar circumstances by the same doctor, so…. hopefully everyone will have had enough of my insanity.  Sean’s coming along.  I’m having some nice oatmeal for breakfast.  Mother-in-law took girls to school.  Bags packed and ready to go.  I’m just eating breakfast and screwing around on the internet while watching “Dora’s Pirate Adventure.”

Pirate Pig: “I’m the pirate pig!  I’m the PIRATE PIG!”  I’m the PIRATE PIIIIIIIIG!”

Benny (whispering to Boots): “Who’s that?”

Boots (whispering to Benny): “I think he’s the pirate pig.”


In fabulous news, my proclamation a couple days ago about being pleased I’d gotten away this pregnancy with only one late-night Evil Leg Cramp was thwarted last night around 4 am.  REALLY?  This is ALMOST OVER and I get another?  I’m limping around.  OW OW OW.

Will let y’all know via Facebook first, probably, what goes on today.  Maybe nothing.


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