Lots to Catch Up On

November 4, 2011

But first, I’ll just announce that Joseph Jonathan (Joe) was born at 3:49 pm on Wednesday, 11/02/2011.  (Palindrome birthday!)  He was induced at the hospital starting around 10 am.  Easy labor and birth a lot like A’s, two years ago.  Sean helped deliver him.  I’m doing just fine recovery-wise, a little bit sore and crampy but really no major complaints.

6 lbs, 13 oz, 20.5 inches long.  Currently (as of this morning) weighing in at 6 lbs 6 oz.  We were out of the hospital around 430 pm the next day after he came.

Healthy, pink, sort of scrawny, but nursing really well so I think we’ll fatten him up in time for Christmas!  Crazy bumpy with baby acne and a rash.  Incredibly cute.  Adorable.  Loveable.  Smushy and squeezable.  The girls are nuts about him.  Big head of soft, straight, dark brown hair.  (I think the girls had about that much, but none of theirs was this dark).

A few notes on breastfeeding:

  • I already have thrush.  OW OW OW OW.  The doctor wrote me a prescription for nystatin this morning though so hopefully it will pass quickly.
  • J was out at 349.  I got him in hand at 410 or so (took a while).  Took 20 min to convince him to latch… and then he immediately sucked for about 1.5 hours straight.
  • Nursed similarly well since then despite not much being there… but…
  • Milk’s on its way in.  Starting about now, 48 hours post-birth.  Starting to feel heavy and I can tell composition is changing.  J’s about to get a surprise… as much as he could ever want.  The early enthusiasm will benefit him well.
  • I unpacked my new pump.  Fancy.  Need to get it rolling, since I’m worried there will be more milk than we can handle soon.
  • Night he was born was great.  Eat 20 min, sleep 3 hours.  Wake him up which took a while.  Eat 20 min, sleep 3 hours.  COME ON BABY WAKE UP.  If you don’t nurse well in the hospital, you get in trouble.
  • Last night, first night home… ate on and off from when we settled in at home (6) until… oh, midnight or so.  It was all I could do to get him settled down for five minutes to brush my teeth, etc.  Fortunately, reruns of Frasier and Friends go that entire time.  I think I’m going to set the Tivo for Friends.  Loooooong time to nurse.  But then he slept a couple 2.5-3 hour stretches.

4 Responses to “Lots to Catch Up On”

  1. LB said

    I want to see photos!

    Also, your son has the same exact name as about 50% of my patients here 🙂

  2. Aimee said

    I love the name Joe!! Classic and yet not very common. I’ve taught for 6 yrs and have only had 1 little boy named Joe. My friend Alane’s son is named Joe. Great name– not common at all amongst kids ages 4+– that much, I know!!!

    Congrats on your sweet boy. 🙂

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