Newborn Notes

November 5, 2011

He gets the hiccups.  Last night, loudly and almost violently.  The little ones are cute.  The big ones are like whoa.

Eating really well, but I still have the thrush after 24 hours on Nystatin and it hurts like a bitch.  If it’s still around Monday I’ll be calling my doctor and asking her to write me a prescription for Diflucan, which I’ve taken before.  Was hoping to avoid it since it’s hardish on your body but I need it, probably.  For now, loading up on the ibuprofen and taking one of the Vicodin they sent me home with* just to deal with the pain.  But nursing, about every 2-3 hours, on and off… last night was the same as the previous night with lots of feeding and not wanting to settle down until 1 am, then a couple better stretches.  It’s a start.

He’s taking in enough now that he does the squeaky gulps when swallowing and does a good burp.  SO CUTE.  And by the way, if you’re up on my shoulder to get burped, and you’re an adorable squishy baby, you better bet that I’ll be smooching you while you’re up there.

He loves being held and half the time I think he wants to nurse, he just wants hugs.

He also does this cute thing where I put him on my shoulder to burp, and I tend to turn his face away so it’s not in my hair, and he’ll pick his head up the barest fraction of an inch and turn his face toward me instead.  (So then I have to move my hair, but it’s okay, because he’s cute).

He slept with me a while this morning and when I napped this afternoon.  I am a proponent of teaching a baby to sleep on its own overnight… but I like a cuddle in the morning or at naptime.  (Still do.  The big kids like to nap with me on weekends.)  I’ll let him sleep on my chest where I know he’s safe and he loves it.  He also managed to nurse a little this morning laying down, which is pretty skilled for being so tiny.

Now, baby poop talk:

At risk of being one of THOSE moms, J is pooping like crazy.  It’s gone from black to green, it’s on its way to yellow, and I couldn’t be more pleased about this, since it means we’re going to skip jaundice this time.

He absolutely hates diaper changes.  It’s chilly, and I wipe around his bellybutton stump with alcohol and that’s cold, and he’s sort of a stealth pooper and it’s often dried on his butt and takes a lot of rubbing to get off, and I put vaseline on his little penis which probably hurts and feel awful for him, and I haven’t mastered the boy-clean-up and little testicles.

*THAT is a story.  I got the heavy drugs not specifically for childbirth pain but because the post-birth cramping was terribly severe- this time absolutely just more than a heating pad could handle, almost immediately after birth starting the first time J latched onto me.  The cramping is still around now three and a half days later though lightened up a lot.  At any rate, the drugs didn’t bother me that first night, probably since I ate a good dinner, but the next morning I took more right before breakfast (like RIGHT before), counting on breakfast to cushion my stomach.  Learned too late that it doesn’t work that way with Vicodin, apparently.  I need the food first.  I was nauseated all morning/early afternoon on and off the day after the birth.  But I’ve had dinner tonight so should be okay.


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