Another Baby Night

November 6, 2011

Last night I pinpointed what it is with J at nighttime.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to sleep or doesn’t sleep well.  He just likes to be cuddled.  And the swaddle isn’t quite doing it for him as far as knocking him out.

At 3 am I gave up and fell asleep holding him.  I’m comfortable with that being safe, the way I do it (baby on his tummy or side on my chest, covers no higher than his legs, and I’m a light sleeper), but not comfortable with it being the best of ideas for baby sleep.  I’m pretty set on the fact that a baby should know how to sleep on its own at least overnight, and that giving in isn’t the best way to teach him.  Not that I’d let him cry instead, but jumping up and down fifty times is just tiring.

I had my first incident of waking up in a cold sweat.  Man, and here I’d thought I was maybe going to dodge that bullet.

He’s still hating diaper changes when it’s cooler at night, but doesn’t really get as upset as he was.

I’m managing the nursing pain with ibuprofen and Vicodin.  Tomorrow will be calling my doctor for a Diflucan prescription.  If this is thrush, which is certainly feels like, that will have to get rid of it. Still using the Nystatin though it hasn’t seemed to work.  My right side is still much more painful than the left.

Strangely, while it seems like my milk is in, it didn’t happen as suddenly or violently as it has in the past.  No engorgement or real discomfort.  Huh.  How about that?  J does eat pretty regularly and it seems heavily.


2 Responses to “Another Baby Night”

  1. Trin said

    I’ve got a friend who’s baby hated being changed because it made him cold. We put a small, low power space heater on top of the changing table and let it blow on him during the change. It made all the difference. Worth a try with J, maybe?

    • Eh… if it were REALLY cold, yeah, but as is, not really cold enough that it should make a huge difference, and I’m careful to keep him in snap pajamas at night so only his legs are out when he’s getting changed. He just doesn’t like being messed with. Silly baby.

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