Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

November 6, 2011

The girls have been a bit wild.  C especially so.  Having grandparents around tends to bring that out in a kid, as does lack of routine, Mom being low-energy, and a new baby showing up.  So, things are getting worse before they get better.  I’m starting to try the 1-2-3 Magic stuff and all it’s resulting in so far is increased time-outs.

Still optimistic though.  Got some things done today and god… it felt really good to tidy up and do a little of my own laundry.  J wants to be held a lot, but during the day will sleep in the Boppy.  (Dear God, it would be nice if he could sleep there at night.)  So I at least changed sheets.  Cleaning lady comes tomorrow.  To-do list begun.  Still not even close to catching up on life, but I will be.


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