New Pump

November 6, 2011

I got a Medela Pump in Style backpack.  It’s fancy.  Got the whole thing set up today with the hands-free bra and I’m thinking it’s going to work very nicely.  It really, really will be hands-free and I’ve never had that before.  Combine that with the office with closeable door and I’m thinking this might be the first time I actually don’t have to worry about supply.

I do want to buy some more Medela bottles, which seem nice and simple, and I will need to get a system going.  Once I do, though, I think I might have a better system than ever before- planning to leave the pack at work all week and just carry the bottle tote back and forth each day, then take the whole pack home over the weekends for full sterilization and washing of the bra.  If I get enough bottles, I should be able to even avoid having to “make” them at night- just put the newly pumped ones in the fridge with labels for the next day at school.  The freezer pack is small enough that it will fit during the day in the freezer portion of my little fridge.

Seriously, I’m super excited about this.  Only someone who’s spent as much portion of her life pumping as I have could get this excited, probably, about system improvements.  Pumping enough milk is my #1 stress in the first year of a baby’s life- more than working, more than parenting, more than sleep, more than anything- and if I am actually on the verge of eliminating that as a stress source… it’s amazing.


4 Responses to “New Pump”

  1. Sarah said

    I read today that listening to a relaxation type cd (or download an app on your phone) can increase pump output by as much as 20%.

  2. Amanda said

    Ah, the Pump in Style… do not miss that. I carried it home each night to try to get one pump in before I went to bed. I must admit, I never sterilized anything. We don’t have a dishwasher either. Just good ol’ hand washing, even at work. The handsfree bra is great. I don’t know why someone on doesn’t make a cute replacement bag for the ugly black Medela bags. Thankfully, only other pumping mothers know it when they see it. Happy pumping!

    • Lindsey said

      I’m starting my collection of freezer bags before I go back to work… did that with my last kid and was really glad I got ahead, though my pump wasn’t nearly as nice. Always was in the habit of pumping once per morning after daycare drop for the other kids and before baby was really up and going.

      I’ve wondered why there are no cute pump bags either. Looked on Etsy many times. You could totally even customize one for the pump in style… something with velcro inserts maybe that could be taken out later and just used as a little general bag when you were done.

      This pump is so awesome, though… I am wondering how I ever survived without the handsfree bra. (Used a one-sided Avent for three kids, and always struggled with supply… then again, my work situation wasn’t nearly as good as it is now for pumping.)

    • Lindsey said

      Also, were you actually able to make enough for two babies? Because that is insanely amazing.

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