J Got A Bellybutton!

November 7, 2011

I noticed his stump was hanging by a thread midday today when I changed him.  Dabbed it with alcohol* and closed the pajamas back up.  When I went to change him again at dinner, it was gone… fell when Sean changed him a little bit before.  Hooray for a cute bellybutton!

He lost it at 5 days old, tying him with C as the earliest to lose it.  A’s was a week even.  R’s didn’t go until she was two weeks old(!)  Bathtime for him tomorrow!

*Oddest thing- the hospital didn’t say one word to me about the bellybutton stump with him, and didn’t give me alcohol swabs to dab it with at changing time as they have in the past.  I mean, I guess they figured I knew what I was doing and owned my own bottle of rubbing alcohol and q-tips, but really?  This is the same hospital who made me go through a checklist for baby care including such revolutionary tips as “cuddle your baby a lot” and “some babies are breastfed and some bottle fed”.


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