Love Letters

November 7, 2011

Dear Diflucan,

I love you.  I love how a mere six hours after taking you, my chest has gone from aching to completely normal.  I love how suddenly I don’t have to flinch violently every time J latches onto the right side.  Nursing is GOOD AGAIN.

Dear My Obstetrician,

I love you.  I love how I sent you a Facebook message this morning about my aching chest and two hours later got a message back that you’d phoned in the Diflucan.  I owe you so many favors you don’t even know.  (What’s a nice thing you can do to thank your OB, besides pay your bills?  The woman seriously goes above and beyond, all the time.  And this time she’s even extended her expertise to my kid- she did his circumcision, which is healing beautifully AND made me feel better about that whole scary process.)

Dear My Husband,

There is absolutely nothing more adorable in the world than seeing you hold a newborn baby and talk to it like you’re talking to a grown adult.

Dear My Mom,

You’ve taught my kid how to start reading in like an hour.  You’re like a wizard.

Dear J,

I love you.  I love how you make hilarious faces when you’re trying to poop.  (Baby poop is cute.)  I love how you snuggle your face into my neck.  I love how you look drunk after I feed you.  I love how easy you’ve been on me, relatively speaking (I mean, for a baby).  I love when you stretch and your skinny little legs and I cannot wait to pudge them up.

Dear My Bathtub,

I missed you.  Tomorrow night, I’ll introduce you to the new baby, now that the cord is gone.   I ❤ baby bathtime!


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