A List Of What I Walked Out of the Hospital With That I Did Not Come In With

November 8, 2011

  • Package from Portsmouth Reading Council, including a plain onesie, an Elmo book, and a pamphlet telling me to read to my kid
  • Fact sheets on flu and pertussis shots
  • Not just one but TWO big color books about baby care*
  • Fact sheet about the hospital’s birth center.  Meals are served at 730, 1130, and 430.  Fathers may visit anytime.  Don’t hand your baby to a Hospital Stranger.  Here are our TV Channels, and let us know if you’re a vegetarian!
  • Choosing a car seat and where to get it inspected
  • A pamphlet about the Newborn Channel (channel 37!)  Some shows which will play on cycle: “Breastfeeding Benefits”, “Understanding your Baby”, “Delivery and postpartum”, “Immunizing your Baby”.  Also in Espanol!  “Al Llevar Al Babe A Casa!” **
  • A pamphlet on Safe Sleep for Baby.  I should not give him a quilt and fluffy pillows.
  • Virginia Newborn Screening Program giving me all the info on tests I didn’t get done but apparently could have.
  • A piece of paper certifying that J’s ears work.
  • A piece of paper explaining how they test the ears of someone who can’t push a button when they hear a beep.
  • Information on the program allowing us to get benefits from the state if the baby was injured at birth.  He wasn’t, fortunately.
  • A big packet about the hospital.  How to prevent falling!  Don’t smoke!  Prevent medical error!  (This doesn’t make me feel more confident in the hospital, if I read that there.  Eep.)  Lots and lots about billing.
  • Discharge instructions.
  • Discharge drug instructions.
  • Two samples of lanolin nipple ointment.  Two different brands!
  • Two breastfeeding support bags from two different formula companies.  Lots of stuff in them I can’t use and which will just get me signed up for mailing lists.  A few things I can use, including more ointment and coupons for Babies R Us.  Also one free jar of formula and a coupon for another which I have tucked away, will likely come in handy at some point.  (Its presence has not so far sabotaged my nursing, if you were wondering.)
  • Proof of birth letter
  • Instructions on applying for birth certificate
  • Commemorative fake birth certificate
  • J’s medical notes
  • Discharge instructions for J.  Underlined: “Feed baby every 2-3 hours”.  Circled: “BREAST!”   Also noted: how many times he should poop.
  • Four bracelets, including “latex allergy”, my ID info, baby info, and my ID info again.  Also ID and baby bracelets for Sean and J.
  • A hat.  A shirt.
  • A baby.  Cute one.

*One page of one of these books featured postpartum care, including “No baths for six weeks” and, on the other side of the same page, suggested “sitting in a warm bath to ease perineal pain”.  Make up your mind.

**When R was born and in the hospital for a week, before the days I owned a smartphone, I was horrendously bored and watched this channel for a while.  The people on it frightened me.  Fortunately, it was also Shark Week that week, so I only had to watch it between about 4-6 am.


2 Responses to “A List Of What I Walked Out of the Hospital With That I Did Not Come In With”

  1. Amanda said

    Interesting how different hospitals have such different policies. Our hospital is designated “baby friendly” by the World Health Organization. It is all about breastfeeding. Had I not had a c-section, the boys would have been places on my stomach right away to initiate bf. We get 1 hour undisturbed after the birth, no visitors or hospital staff for baby tests. There was no nursery, just a NICU. Babies stay in the room with mom. Formula and bottles have to be ordered by a doctor. And, the best part, husbands get a bed in the recovery room to stay 24/7. Still had the Newborn Channel though.

    • Lindsey said

      Ours is nursing friendly as well. I was handed Alice and Joe pretty quickly to nurse, and offered help both times (both those times, though, I knew what I was doing. Didn’t get to nurse right away with C and R because they both required pretty immediate evaluation- C because she was a vacuum extraction and R because she was a preemie. And while I did have trouble getting to nurse R a couple days later, they also weren’t giving her formula in bottles- they were giving her my pumped milk through a tube, (There are signs all over the cradles there saying “BREAST!” It’s cute.)

      They do have a nursery, but the babies don’t stay there unless you ask them to- they just roll down a couple times a day for evaluation. Husbands get to stay, but it’s more of a couch than a bed… Sean was a sport.

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