Baby Update

November 9, 2011

6 lbs 13 on birth, 6 lbs 12 the next day, 6 lbs 6 the day after that.

J goes back to the doctor on Friday and I’m betting we’ll see a number starting with a 7.  His cheeks already are filling out and looking pudgier to me.  I love some fat cheeks.  Arms and legs still scrawny though.  Little chicken legs!

Gave up last night when he was up at 2 or 3… he didn’t want to eat but didn’t want to lay down either… except with me.  So let him sleep with me.  He was happy and didn’t nurse for like 5-6 hours straight which was sweet in its intent but resulted in a lot of pain and a need to pump even after he nursed this morning.  We’ll see what he does.  If the kid has to sleep with us, he has to sleep with us… I do have a method of baby-sleep-training that I’m comfortable with, but if he needs to do it differently, he needs to, and I’m convinced that you can always switch things up later on if/when it gets to be a problem.  This one’s a cuddler.


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