Update on My Big Babies

November 9, 2011

A’s language explosion continues.  She’s doing colors and counting to 10 unprompted all of a sudden, plus we’re hearing a lot more of “all done”, “all gone”, and suddenly pointing at J and saying, “BABY!”  (She also correctly identified Diego the other day as “Eggo”, which is what C used to call him.)  She seems HUGE to me, like a kid all of a sudden instead of a little toddler.  Still pudgy though I’m expecting her to start thinning out soon as she’s almost 2 and that’s when her sisters started to. Her favorite thing is bathtub paint.

R has been super sweet, quiet, and very pleasant lately.  Very good-natured.  My mom’s been working with her and C on reading and words and letters and books this week and R loves books.  Her attention span is excellent and she keeps asking to do more work.  She still has a cough and I haven’t let her get too close to the baby.

C’s behavior’s been good this week.  I think my parents running her down helped.  She’s stayed on green light at school and gone to bed easily.  No food sneaking.  No defiance.  She’s been helpful.  She’s doing really well on reading some simple words and learning to sound them out, look at pictures, etc. with mom.  She went to Target with Auntie K and came home and proudly reported that she didn’t steal anything.  LOL.

I’ve managed to get everyone up and dressed and mostly ready to go in the am on my own before my parents get here at 730 (they’re staying with a friend in Norfolk), as well as getting J changed and dressed.  I’m kind of proud of that.  It’s a start anyway.  Of course, “everyone” does not include me, so my parents show up to find three children dressed, brushed, and raring to go, J all peppy and hungry, and me dragging around in a nightgown.  Probably what I’ll have to do is get up early with Sean when it comes to it… nurse while he showers than stick J in his bouncy seat in the bathroom when I shower.  There’s time for that though.


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