The Stanky Legg

November 11, 2011

We took my parents out to dinner tonight- Mexican- for their last night here.  J slept the whole time.  A behaved in an exemplary manner, aside from a bit of begging for chips and dip in an amusingly wordless way.  R was tired and iffy, and C was a bit dramatastic but mostly good.  While we were waiting for the check, she stood up and started swaying her hips around.

C: “Do the stinky leg… do the stinky leg…”

Me: “Do the WHAT?”

C AND R: “Do the stinky leg!  Do the stinky leg!”

They were doing the same dance and singing the same song, VERY pleased with themselves.  It was hilarious and I just lost it.

Mom: “Where did you learn this?  Is this a real thing?”

C: “We learn at school.”

Well…. okay.  They got up and continued to sing and dance all the way to the door.  The restaurant had a glass door and it was dark out so they were swaying around in essentially a mirror at their height which led to more amusement on their part.  At one point C was down on the floor doing the same dance flat on her back.  (Yes, in a restaurant.  It wasn’t crowded and it’s a casual place.  Judge if you will, it was funny.)  A started dancing too.

Got home and Mom googled “stinky leg” and came up with this.  And yes, that’s approximately the dance they were doing.  OH MY GOD.  (Hey, there are kids in the video, how inappropriate could it be?)

Note: I’m not at all bothered by this.  It’s funny.  But next time someone at C’s school asks me if I can talk to her about not talking too much about breastfeeding to her friends, I am so throwing this right back in their faces.



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