Hospital Records

November 12, 2011

Scanning J’s hospital records tonight prompted me to go back and look at the girls’.  Notable info:


  • 3/1/2007 at 6:39 pm.  38/1 gestation
  • 8 lb 2 oz, 20.5 inches long, 9/9 apgars
  • Discharge weight of 7 lb 12 oz
  • Notable: “monitor for jaundice”*, “left occipital cephalohematoma”**, “hemangioma”***, notes on breastfeeding assistance.  “Pt. pink and vigorous”.
  • Mother’s age: 29.  Ah, my younger years…


  • 7/29/2008 at 12:33 pm.  35/5 gestation.
  • 6 lb 3 oz, 18.5 inches long, 7/8 apgars
  • Discharge weight not noted
  • Notable: fast respiration, “acrocyanosis”****, had oxygen for 2-3 minutes after birth, didn’t get breastfeeding evaluation until 3 days after birth*****,  jaundice with bilis that got to 16, longest medical record of any of them******, poor digestion and digestive issues in initial NG tube feedings, “Mother very anxious to breast feed and upset with tube and IV”*******


  • 11/30/2009 at 4:44 pm.  37/3 gestation.
  • 7 lbs********, 20 inches long, 9/9 apgars
  • Discharge weight 6 lbs 14 oz
  • Notable: Nothing.  I didn’t even get a breastfeeding evaluation.


  • 11/2/2011 at 3:49 pm, 37/5 gestation.
  • 6 lbs 13 oz, 20.5 inches long, 8/9 apgars
  • Discharge weight 6 lbs 12 oz
  • Notable: heart murmur on first evaluation, resolved before discharge.  They skipped the breastfeeding evaluation this time as well.  Wonder if it automatically drops off the list after a certain number of kids?

Some general notes:

  • Most abnormal baby: R.  Thanks, preemie.  (She’s also the only one who came pretty much on her own without a push.)
  • Most normal baby: A.  Close second: J.
  • Thing I wish doctors had talked to me more about: C’s jaundice and their concerns and what to look for and what to do.
  • C loves to hear stories about her and her sisters at birth.  She loves the traumatic, dramatic stories.  A had no exciting birth story, but came near death three weeks later, so that’s exciting enough to serve C’s wishes.  I am sort of tempted to invent an exciting story about J’s birth ********* just to make her happy so that God doesn’t hand me one in three weeks.
  • Thing that made me smile: Seeing that Nurse Vivian signed off on J’s newborn evaluation.
  • Thing that displeased me: Seeing one of the pediatricians who wouldn’t let me try to nurse R, AND Nurse Deb, when I was at the hospital having J.
  • Hardest birth: C’s.  Pushed for two hours plus.  Was SO SORE all over.  Had a big episiotomy.
  • Most painful birth: R’s.  Epidural never really took.  That was my closest experience to natural childbirth and while I respect those who do that, as far as I go, it’s for the birds.
  • Lovely uneventful births: A and J.  J was a bit trickier to get out but it was no problem.


*I’ll say.  She was back in the hospital two days later with horrible jaundice- bilis at 23 or something like that when we got to the ER.

**Bruise from the vacuum extraction.  Thanks, crooked-headed baby.

***Wish they’d have warned me about this.

**** Blue feet!

***** Then passed with flying colors, thank you very much.

****** She was there for six days.  The others were there 1-2.

******* Um, yeah.  I was furious they wouldn’t even let me TRY to nurse R on top of the NG tube.  I wasn’t asking them to take any of this out, just for a chance to give it a shot, and the pediatrician and the second pediatrician and a nurse called Deb swore to me she probably wouldn’t have a suck reflex.  She wasn’t THAT pre-term!  It was a war, seriously.  I was NOT HAPPY, plus hormonal and desperate to hold my baby.  Finally, a very kind nurse named Vivian let me give her a shot while the pediatrician wasn’t looking, and what do you know, her suck reflex was FINE.  Then I cried to the next night’s pediatrician and she agreed to let me give it a go, and R nursed on and off all night that night, and THAT pediatrician checked the notes in the morning and came to my room and gave me a hug and congratulated me, and to this day I tear up when I think about her.  As far as Vivian, I saw her several times after that… most recently, she did J’s newborn evaluation, which is awesome.

******** Actually 6 lbs, 15.7 oz.

********* Accepting submissions.  Perhaps his heart murmur was extremely serious (instead of something the doctor shrugged about).  Perhaps the nurses lost him.  (Hard when he’s one of only two babies in the nursery.)  Perhaps the food they brought Mommy in the hospital was gross.  Perhaps watching Road House with Daddy prompted him to attack.


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