Sex and Glee

November 12, 2011

I’m pretty liberal about what’s on TV, but I agree with this article, generally.  Does every teenager on TV have to be having sex?  Every single one?  And every one have to be in and out of relationships all the time?  Because really, that’s not realistic.


4 Responses to “Sex and Glee”

  1. LB said

    I agree somewhat.

    I think they shouldn’t expect much from Ryan Murphy of Nip/Tuck, considering the depravity that went on in that show…. Glee is probably like preschool-appropriate after Nip/Tuck.

    That said, if their depiction of high school was more realistic: i.e. studying and daydreaming about relationships more than having them, would that make an interesting show? At least Glee does show some of the consequences of teen sex (pregnancy).

    For me, the force driving me to have teen sex was not TV/movies, but pushy boyfriends. I guess though if there was more abstinence on TV, I would have felt more secure saying no.

    • It’s not so much the “driving kids to have sex” thing (I agree kids aren’t quite that easily influenced) that annoys me so much as the unrealism that EVERY kid is having sex. I think the statistics are (and have been for years) that about 50% of high schoolers have had sex.

      You’re totally right though that the show needs the unrealism to entertain.

  2. Deb Warren said

    I always said I wouldnt’ censor my children’s television or movie watching. Then I had them. I started rationalising what I would let them watch based on what ‘they would understand’. For instance, I won’t take my now 7 year old to see something like an adult drama movie or allow her to watch say, Game of Thrones. Too much for her to try to understand, and honestly? Too graphic. I also won’t let her see any of the horror flicks like the Saw series or anything like that. Scooby Doo is scary enough for her right now.

    Now, she really isn’t interested in a lot of the stuff on TV. She’s still quite a cartoon fan. We DO watch Once Upon a Time on Sundays, but we do that together and she spends some moments with her face hidden behind a pillow. We explain anything she asks about in fairy tale logic. The tv always goes off immediately after (not into Desperate Housewives).

    I think I would have to say, as she gets older, I would continue to monitor her frame of mind and determine the type of things she exposes herself to. We tend to explain things a lot, and when we explain why we do something she seems to be receptive.

    • Yeah, I’ve found that the girls just aren’t interested in a lot of what I watch, so censoring isn’t an issue. They do like music and dancing a lot, besides cartoons. When they show interest, I’d probably let them watch just about anything, but I’d see it with them…

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