On the Wagon

November 13, 2011

Before I got pregnant with J, I was counting calories and exercise with myfitnesspal.com.  It was really helpful and interesting, since I’m a numbers person.  I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past and liked that too, but the more detailed counting served me better, personally.  And Sean was doing it with me, which was really great and all the support I needed.

Then I got pregnant and gained just about 30 lbs.  Oh well, such is life.  Not a stress there.  Dropped off 10-12 just from having the baby.  Time to get back on the wagon now, though… I gave it a week postpartum and then started logging in again, tracking.  Not trying to lose more than a pound a week, and adding 500 calories a day for nursing.  (I call it “exercise”.  LOL.)  It’s going to be a pretty big habit change as while I’m pregnant, I eat whatever I want, and a lot of it.

Trying to get more fruits and vegetables… sigh… I need it.

Will help that Sean will be tracking with me again.  Noted here that Sean kept tracking breakfast and lunch while I was pregnant, but not usually dinner… and he put on approximately the same amount of weight I did.  Without a fetus.  Not that I blame him, I was eating a ton.

Exercise is still probably a couple weeks off though I may start walking pretty soon here.  Think I might take the girls out for a stroll today…

Goal: half-marathon in 2012.


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