Rambling About Food

November 14, 2011

I’ve lost 10 pounds in a week.  Actually, in five days.  This puts me to 23 pounds or so down from my highest pregnancy weight and only 7 pounds higher than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am liking this.  I’d like it more, but I wanted to lose 10-15 pounds pre-pregnancy, so… got a ways to go.  It’s encouraging that some of it’s dropping off easily.

I am currently enjoying 4 tablespoons of hummus with 22 pretzel chips.  It’s a good bit, but for some reason counting my food makes me feel a little deprived.  I’ll get over it.  Can’t eat like I’m pregnant forever.  (I am thinking it might be handy to lactate forever, though, for caloric reasons.)  I’m already doing a lot better than I was, especially in the fields of Not Eating Fast Food Type Junk and Portion Control.

My olive oil consumption has increased considerably.  So have my vegetables and fruits, and breakfast has gotten cut from a Million Eggs and Million Pieces of Toast to Really Enjoying a Nice Cup of Coffee.  Think tomorrow’s an oatmeal morning.  I like oatmeal.  I like planning my meals in numeric detail.

Next week is Thanksgiving.  When did that happen?  We’re getting a pre-made turkey dinner from Harris Teeter, third year in a row we’ve done that.  I won’t count calories that day.

Walked a couple miles yesterday and today, outdoors in the sun with J in the sling.  Will probably do it again tomorrow.  Have a weird low back pain on the right side.  Hoping if I wear my good shoes it will work itself out, since it’s really more tightness than anything else.

I have some turnips.  Think I’ll go google recipes for them.


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