November 15, 2011

C was whiny and tired this morning.  And didn’t nap at school today, of course.  HOWEVER- she did stay on green, and has mostly stayed on green since J came.  She’s been better at home- no food sneaking in a while, and the disobedience has shrunk back to normal 4-year-old forgetful/selective hearing stuff. This is really a relief for me.  Was it me?  Was it the baby?  Was it just a phase?

Who knows, but I’m happy.  The girls have been somewhat rowdy, but not out of control, and I see my normal C again.  Where the shenanigans are funny, not worrisome.  Case in point.

She hasn’t wanted to go to sleep lately.  I sort of feel for her… as a kid, I hated going to bed and always had a terrible time falling asleep.  (I grew out of insomnia as a teenager, with a few exceptions during pregnancies).  She keeps wandering out of bed, saying, “I’m not sleepy.”  During those few really bad weeks, she was sneaking out… now she’s just wandering to wherever we are and whining.

Tonight she came in about 45 minutes after being put to bed.  “Mommy, I have to tell you something.”

“It better be important.”

“Mommy, my soap is all spongy and it broke.”

“… your WHAT?”

“My soap is all slippy and spongy and it’s breaking.”


Ten minutes later:

“Mommy, I have to tell you something.  It’s VERY IMPORTANT.”


“It’s my soap!” (almost in tears) “It’s SPONGY!”

I finally notice that the light’s on in the girls’ bathroom, and I recall that the bar of soap there is almost done for, and I mean to replace it.  WHY this is relevant at 9 pm when she’s tired, and why it’s so upsetting, and what prompted her to discover it in the first place is completely beyond me.

So I sort of crack up.  I give her a kiss on the forehead and send her back to bed, again.

I can be a lot nicer when she’s amusingly freaked about soap than when she’s creeping around hiding things, though the level of disobedience is similar… the intent is different.


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