Gross. Sweaty.

November 15, 2011

There were a few surprises after the birth of my second child… little treats that didn’t show up after my first:

1) The cramping when nursing was MUCH MUCH WORSE than after the first.  How come no one tells you this?  Like, murderous contraction cramping when feeding the baby.  I begged for a heating pad and it took forever to find one and it was just awful.  After the third, it was even worse still, though I remembered to bring my own heating pad.  After the fourth, I just took Vicodin.  This time, the cramps were even when not nursing.  Vicodin helped a ton.  They resolved within 4-5 days.

2) Weird-ass chills.  I wasn’t running a fever, but I’d be trembling with cold at random times.  This actually was the worst after R… it happened a couple times after A though and only once after J.

3) NIGHT SWEATS.  UGH.  Again, bad after R, worse after A… after A, they took a month to go away, and I was changing sheets every day or two, nightgowns a couple times a night, and going through a ton of towels.  This time, they’re different.  They happen in the first half of the night and either they’re not as bad or I’m getting used to them.  I’m also sweatier in the evenings before I’ve even gone to bed… just dripping.  At night, I wake up cold and wet and gross.

I’ve been keeping a towel by my bed and the last few nights, have tried going to sleep in my terrycloth robe, which is actually very helpful.  I have to run it through the dryer after taking a bath in the evening, but as long as it’s dry… I don’t completely get soaked.

Aside from that, my recovery’s been fine.  No pain after the first couple days.  Still somewhat sore and sensitive in the chest area from my milk coming in… hopefully I’ll feel normal that way pretty soon too.


2 Responses to “Gross. Sweaty.”

  1. LB said

    Weirdly enough, my two postpartum periods were identical with respect to the things you mentioned. Maybe it’s b/c I waited so long between kids.

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